Mobile App Marketing Agency (M.A.M.A)

Let MAMA take care of the marketing and success of your mobile app by providing a turn-key mobile app marketing campaign for your small business.

Managed Campaign + Marketing Materials

MobileSoft trained marketing professionals will manage & grow your mobile app user based, create engagement and deliver custom marketing materials to promote your app at your business.

What you get...

A monthly, all-included marketing campaign to promote your mobile app and drive new revenue streams.

Great addition to you digital marketing effort.

Enhance visibility to your brand.

Benefits for the Small Business Owner (SBO)

Creates new Google search listings.
Showcase products and services.
Business listing on Google Play Store™ & Apple AppStore™.
Send promotional announcements to engage customers to purchase or visit your location.
Social Media visibility and cross promotion.
Create automated, location-based messages that automatically appear on users phones when they enter your location.
Drive repeat app useage.
Deliver customize in-app messages.
Track and monetize Customer Usage.
Enjoy the benefits of a new revenue stream for your business.

Product Description
We Promote, Grow and Manage
your mobile app for you!

Allow customers to contact you in one touch

Bi-Weekly Calls & Reporting

Holiday / Event Calendar Planning

Create Custom Graphics

Custom Coupons

Loyalty Program Management

Marketing Dashboard

20+ Years Marketing Experience

Award-Winning Customer Service

I'm seeing new business, new money and happy customers because of MobileSoft!

Kushan Edussuriya